by Single Malt Snob

Host, Hust, Haust, Hoost, Hurst?
*Ding Dong* The doorbell rings through the chime in my living room. Opening the door I encounter the Brand Activator of Salud Spirits. ” Hi Tim, goodmorning! I got something for you!” There it is, a nicely designed box containing something even better designed, along with a kind request to review it.  So yes, in a way this is my second sponsored post. And that, my dear readers, is my disclaimer.

I reviewed something from Stauning before, but what we will describe today is something a little different. Started in 2005, the Stauning distillery, with their 24 copper stills, has the philosophy that all the ingredients should be available within a 15 minute bike ride. As a Dutchman, that is a small fact I will remember and like!
The Danes just so happen to grow quite a low of… [lees verder].