by Single Malt Snob

A mystery malt with a barolo finish

“Listen guys, there’s a whisky tasting in a local store in my city. Do you want to go?”
A friend of mine texted this in an app group some time ago.
Some of us said yes and so we found ourselves sitting at table in that liquor store, making fun of each other and waiting for the tasting to start.

The tasting was a set of new to be released limited editions from Murray McDavid.
(Not so new now, since this tasting was quite a while ago to be honest.)
The Dutch importer was introduced by the shopkeeper, and he introduced the man that would be hosting the tasting: Dean Jode.
Being the head of whisky creations at Murray McDavid, this was the guy to teach us a bit more about Murray McDavid and the drams that were to be poured in our glasses.
7 awesome drams I had that night. Of which some real beauties like Le Girafe Chic, a 25 year old blended malt married on Margaux wine Barriques.
But number 2 in the line up was this 6 year old whisky aged on Barolo wine cask. It was [lees verder].