Leidsche Singel Malt Batch 2


by Single Malt Snob

A big bang again!

“On the 12th of January in the year of our Lord 1807 a powder ship exploded at the Steenschuur in Leiden.”
It is the fun story of Leidsche Singel Malt that is repeated on the boxing of Batch 2.
And no, it is not spelled wrong. A singel is a form of a canal that can be found in cities like Leiden and Amsterdam. So Leidsche Singel Malt is a fun play on that word.

Previously, or rather two years ago, I reviewed Leidsche Singel Malt. A BenRiach on ex Laphroaig cask. And then there was a silence around this brand.
Since I know the managing director of Singel Malt BV, I knew something was brewing and I was able to pre-order the Batch 2, which comes from a different distillery. And then I waited.
Until today. My doorbell rang and when I opened the door, Tom, the managing director of Singel Malt BV stepped inside with my two pre-ordered bottles of Batch 2. We opened one immediately and sat down to discuss this whisky, but also the future plans for Singel Malt. [lees verder]