Signatory Vintage Very Cloudy Cameronbridge 2012


by Single Malt Snob

A very cloudy review

No, it’s not your eyes being watery. No hayfever either.
No need to call your eye specialist. It is just the label.
This Lowland single grain whisky is part of the ‘Very Cloudy’ series by Signatory Vintage. But what does very cloudy mean?
Signatory Vintage explaines it on the label:
“Due to no chillfiltration, this whisky may turn cloudy when stored in a cool place. It is both more full bodied and full flavoured.”

I have quite a lot of bottles in my selection that are not chill-filtered.
(Or without extra colouring.) So with that explanation, I would expect that all those whiskies would be eligible for a label ‘Very Cloudy’?
(I tried to find more information about this, but only encountered other bottles in this series that are still for sale.)
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