Jim McEwan Signature Collection 7.1 …


…Jim McEwan Signature Collection 7.1 Bruichladdich 2007 1st fill Premier Cru Sauternes Barrique
by Single Malt Snob

This must have been my longest title ever…

But look at it. Just the title is enough to say: “I think I’m a bit impressed.”
I know I was. So, before the tastingnotes, a little storytime.
People who follow me on socials might know my first response to the question what my favourite distillery is: Bruichladdich. It’s just a dram that I always enjoy and I’m an even bigger fan of Bruichladdich on a special cask. Don’t know why, just like it very much.
So when I was visiting the Hielander Whisky Festival in Alkmaar recently, and someone mentioned a stand had this bottle with a Bruichladdich on a Sauternes cask, I wanted to try it. When I asked for direction, I got a simple “Somewhere over there.” as an answer. I took [lees verder].